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Ways to Say Thank You To Your Corporate Clients When You Are An Investment Banker...

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The sun is shining on a beautiful summer morning, you wake with a well-deserved smile on your face, maybe even a bit of a smug smile. You stretch and start to move your body out of bed with an air of success and excitement for the day. Last night's celebrations have left you with a head that is not sure if it is meant to be a percussion drum but that's nothing that some caffeine and an isotonic drink can't fix!

You move confidently into the shower and once ready you admire how much more strong and affluent even you look right now! After all, the team closed the deal yesterday! This Merger has literally taken every inch of your energy and sanity. You have poured hours upon hours over excel files and PowerPoint decks. You lost count of the amount of time the MD suddenly needed every slide changed - he needed it in 20 minutes but it was at least an hour's work. Yet somehow, you managed to do it, through grit and sheer determination. Your days have been long - so long - much longer than you imagined when you decided you wanted to get into this industry. Yet, you did it. You all did it, together as a team and you are proud.

You walk into the office at 9:30 am where your co-workers are somewhat the same as you, happy, proud, feeling accomplished. You sit at your desk which, right now, you are thankful that it is air-conditioned! A coffee is grabbed and you sit enjoying this bliss. Next, however, comes the requirement of saying thank you. The thank you's to the client, to other banks that have acted as joint financial advisors, legal teams acting as legal advisors. Somehow you need to find something unique, worthy of all the hard work, exciting even, to say thank you. Also, it's just good in terms of your relationship with your clients to say thank you.

Where do you start? What can you get? Champagne, wine, a pen. Let's face it, the budget isn't going to stretch too far. You couldn't buy any luxury watches or hard to find antique wine. You need something, bespoke, one of a kind, something that looks and feel all about the deal and something memorable. So as per most industry-standard ideals, you choose to order some deal tombstones! Great, you think. Now you have been asked to get the financial tombstones in just when you thought the work on this deal was over!

Choosing a Deal Toy Design
What Deal Tombstone Design Should I Choose?

So onto Google, you search for deal tombstone companies and find yourself faced with lots of options! Which company do you choose? You ask around and people make some recommendations to you. You are in a good position, all the companies must pitch for the project! Great news, but still you must email every single person with the same details, answer back every email, and call as they try to learn more about the deal, etc. You wait for the proposals to come in and you are excited to see what they have come up with. The team confers and decides on a design and before you know it, the sample is ordered, approved and you are awaiting the full order.

The excitement as you open the boxes of the financial tombstones in the office is surreal. Long-awaited acknowledgment of your work and time spent has arrived. You open each box carefully as these deal toys are special. All hand made and perfectly designed around the deal. Your heart is filled with pride as everyone is wowed and oooooohhhing noises are heard. Everyone is so impressed with them and for you organising them, you even get a pat on the back from the VP and the MD actually makes eye contact with you!

That right there is why Financial Tombstones are a great way to say thank you. It's rare that you can have something so very bespoke - fit for purpose if you will, hand made by the best producers and designed by the top awards design agencies around. We know our deal tombstones create lasting relationships for your company and client but also within your team. Most importantly, deal toys make you feel good. They look great, they are often fun and uniquely designed and they make you feel appreciated. So what are you waiting for?

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