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Deal Tombstone Spotlight – Gas Industry

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

You have closed the transaction. Congrats!

Now you have been in charge of ordering the deal toys. But where do you start?

Your deal is about gas. What ideas can you possibly come up with about gas? I mean, you can’t even see it!

Not the most of inspiring subject matters. You probably have lots of different gas deal tombstones around the office and you are looking for something different. The only problem being your budget is tight. There is no way you can get something 3D and large created. You need something that shows off the deal but is classy and fits the budget…

Why not take a look at this example. Our clients faced a very similar problem and we really enjoyed working with them to create these pieces.

It is quite a common request for us to design and create oil and gas deal toys. Being a huge industry why would expect otherwise? Whilst there are lots of ideas to go with you often see the same designs over and over again. Yet this time our team wanted to create something different. Having a modest budget meant that we could not use materials such as aluminium or pewter. Instead we focused on simply using acrylic. The client also wanted something quite simple but effective in terms of visualisation.

Where did we start? We started keeping things simple, a rectangle with just the text, it then evolved to this… (deal details have been removed for privacy)

And then came the 3D view... (again deal details have been blurred for privacy)

We had hit the mark with this one, the client loved it and we went straight to production. It ticked off their brief perfectly and the MD even ordered an extra one just for himself!

We loved working on this project. Have you just closed a gas deal? Give us a call, we would love to create some designs for you!

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