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How Much Do Deal Toys Cost?

Now isn’t that the ultimate question! It’s a question we are asked often and unfortunately, there is no one set answer. But why? Well, let me explain…

There are lots of factors that contribute to the cost of your deal toy. I’m sure some you appreciate but none the less here are some of them…

  • Size

  • Material

  • Area of printing

  • Type of print i.e digital or screened

  • Cutting of shapes through laser cutting or water jet cutting

  • Complexity of designs

  • Weight

  • Where they are to be delivered

  • Any hand machining costs

  • Laser etching

  • 3D printing

As you can see above there are many factors and as every deal toy we design and create is completely bespoke it makes it very difficult to give an idea of costs without having a completed design. That being said we can give you a bit of an indication.

If you are looking for a simple deal toy that fits around the size 12cm x 16cm x 2.5cm. With only digital printing and no embedments, you are looking at around £45.00 per deal toy

If you want to go down the route of having text embedded etc within the same size you are looking at around £85.00 per deal toy

However, if you want something larger, relatively simple, and unique, £100.00 per deal toy is roughly where you would be looking at.

But, if you want to go for something truly unique, very bespoke with lots of detail you should be looking at around £150.00 per deal toy and upwards.

The sky really is the limit with deal toys, you want it 3D printed - no problem. You want something gold plated? No problem. We are here ultimately to help you celebrate.

If you are looking to order your next deal toy, give us a call or drop us an email. We can’t wait to help you celebrate in style!

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