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What is a Financial Tombstone?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

If you are new to the Investment Banking or Legal world you may be unsure of what exactly financial tombstones are. They have a few names such as deal toys, deal tombstones, corporate awards, deal gifts and of course financial tombstones. However, they are referred to, they are essentially awards. Or Mementos of achievements if you will.

Deal toys are often unusual bespoke pieces which represent a certain deal. They range from being colourful and unique to simple, clear pieces which you may be accustomed to seeing. They are often not particularly award looking in style and rather a visual representation of the deal. Below are some examples of what financial tombstones look like.

Historically financial tombstones were printed notifications of a financial transaction such as an IPO which were a legal requirement to be printed in newspapers along with the company(s) who had underwritten the transaction. They were also known as Tombstone Adverts essentially because it advertised the company(s) involved selling and buying side along with the banks and legal teams used to make the transaction.

Why the use of the term tombstone? Well the tombstones are produced at the end of the transaction also known as the closing of the deal. As there is a finality about the closure and the way in which the financial tombstones were printed to look simple and rather like a headstone the name of financial tombstone stuck.

Deal tombstones are now used frequently to represent each deal that has closed. They are a way of showing which transactions you have worked on, a great way to say thank you to the teams involved and of course your clients and also offer important advertising for potential new clients.

Deal toys are often made from acrylic, highly versatile and with the use of its clear and shiny material it often makes great tombstones. Colours can be matched to logos to really show off logos to full effect and it is easy to shape and manipulate to create interesting shapes. Of course other materials such as cut glass, aluminium, resin and even the exciting industry of 3D printing to get exactly what you are looking for. The possibilities really are endless.

What can a deal toy provide?

· Acknowledgement

· Appreciation

· Thank you for your team

· A grand thank you gesture for your clients

· Congratulatory memento

· Marketing for your company

However you like to say thank you a deal toy really is one the most rewarding and special ways to say thank you. If you want to wow your clients and team make sure you contact us and let our talented team create a deal tombstone you and the recipients will cherish for years to come!

Oh and also, if you have just closed a deal, Congrats from us!


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