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Ethical Accolades: Financial Tombstones in Recycled Glass

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

We at Acknowledge Designs think that celebrating that big deal is much sweeter knowing we’re also doing our bit for the planet!

We are therefore, very proud to be able to offer designs for Financial Tombstones and Deal Toys made from environmentally ethical materials. We can now offer awards in a more traditional feeling recycled glass, as well as distinctive pieces in wood that has been ethically sourced from sustainable forests.

These options will no doubt prove particularly attractive to projects featuring recycling, renewable energy and sustainability industries, but may also be something for wider brands and partnerships to consider: even in this relatively small way, an ethically sourced Deal Gift demonstrates ecological consciousness.

We find the pieces in recycled glass are best kept simple, with text and images printed or etched onto them, which allows the stunning forms to speak for themselves.

Interested in what a recycled glass or sustainable wood Financial Tombstone could look like for your deal? Get in contact with Acknowledge Designs’ creative team today!


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