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We are an Ethnic Minority Owned Business!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

In light of recent events surrounding black lives matter, it shows just how far we still have to go as a city, a country and throughout the world. Hopefully, the questions being raised has made everyone question themselves, how do you respond to different people? Do you really have an unbiased view? Can the skin we are born in effect our future? So many questions that we are not here to argue today but we do understand that support for diversity is much needed. As our Director is of an ethnic minority origin we thought it was about time that we were actually certified as such! So we applied and we were approved. Yay!

MSDUK dedicate themselves to inspire the next generation of Ethnic Minority founders; offering them a platform to showcase their innovative ideas, and provide them access to knowledge, investment and market, helping them grow and achieve their dreams! We are so incredibly proud to be a part of their community. Having the opportunity to connect, work, and supply other EMB's is a real pleasure and we are looking forward to forging great relationships through our membership. If you want to find out more, how your company

can sign up to use EMB's as suppliers or if you would like to sign up for certification please do take a look at their website for information.

As a company owned by an ethnic minority, we strongly believe in diversity. We believe differences should be celebrated and as a design agency, we love differences. The more we are different, the more creative vision we have which can only be a great thing for our bespoke deal toy designs! Just take a look at our deal tombstone examples and you can see the real difference we can produce! I’m sure most of you reading this can appreciate that art and design are made even greater by broader horizons and valued experiences. The more you experience the more you can create, the more you learn, the more you can create – designing is a never-ending cycle of who, what and how your knowledge has been forged.

Original Deal Tombstone
The Best in Deal Toy Design

So the next time you close a deal, and you are asked to order in the deal tombstones, ask yourself if you are helping a small ethnic minority business. I know in Acknowledge Designs case, you would definitely be helping to reduce that gap in diversity but you would also be buying the best deal toy designs, the best of financial tombstone customer service, and knowing the absolute joy it brings us to share in your achievements.

Are you needing to order awards for a large awards ceremony? What company are you using to provide them? Is that company helping to bridge the gap within diversity? Acknowledge Designs has years upon years of experience in delivering the very best quality bespoke awards for your dinner party celebration. Drop us a line to find out more…

We think ultimately in whatever we choose to purchase we all should be seeking out companies that are small, unique and offer support for EMB’s and other diverse groups. It’s one very big way of making this gap smaller and smaller and leading to a more diverse and creative world for us and future generations. Happy shopping! Please drop us a line if we can help you in your search for custom awards.

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