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Why Bother With Corporate Gifts?

A woman opening a present and pulling on a red ribbon

You've deal has closed, your client is thrilled with the results and you are proud to put your name to the work you have achieved. Yet you're wondering if that is really enough. Do you leave things there, send your invoice and be on your way or should you send a little something like corporate gifts to say thank you?

Obviously, we are biased in our opinion as we create bespoke awards for you, the team and your clients but is there more to a corporate gift than just a thank you? In business gifting builds relationships. Saying thank you to a customer makes them feel appreciated and glad that they decided to work with you in the first place. It's also an added nice little extra on top of the already amazing service you have provided.

More than any of that though, comes the psychological aspect of receiving a gift. It builds power for you, the gifter, and brings with it an obligation for the receiver. Just think of a time that you received a gift you were not expecting from a business or even a family member. I'm sure you felt a little bit of guilt because you didn't have a gift for them and because of that you would happily recommend that business or help your family member to reciprocate. As a business, having clients that want and feel obligated to shout about your great service can only be a plus!

If you are looking for a way to build a connection with your clients, build huge fans of your brand, and create a memory of that moment, then please do consider gifting something like a deal tombstone that is designed especially for them, and the team, with the deal closure in mind to create a memory and thank you that lasts forever. That memory is priceless and so is the recommendations you will receive because of it.

Feel like getting an idea for a deal toy? Get in touch!


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