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What if You Changed a Few Things in 2020 Then What Would Happen?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Project What If 2020

2020 is here! It's the start of a new year and a new decade. People all over the world are assessing their lives setting resolutions and making plans. What are your plans, are you changing anything?

Somehow it being the start of a new decade is making us assess everything closer at Acknowledge Designs. What do we want to happen this year and in fact the next ten years? At the end of this decade what do we want to have achieved?

For us, these questions are pretty simple. We want to grow and at the same time really be there for our customers to support them along their careers and help them celebrate their achievements. However it does open up the possibility of what if?

What if...

Quite evocative words.

What if you put in an extra 5% of effort in all areas of your live. What would the accumulative effect be on our lives?

What if you decided to run the London Marathon?

What if you embarked on the arduous journey of Mount Everest?

What if you decided this is the year you make VP?

What if you learn a new language?

What if you work on the most deals possible this year?

What if you put yourself and your team forward for an award?

So many what if's, we would love to hear your New Years resolutions, but whatever it is remember to recognise the achievement with a bespoke award!

Happy New Year to all you!

May 2020 be filled with what if's achieved!

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