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A nice starting point for creating your personal brand and in turn then creating your business brand is questioning who you are. Who am I? Now that is a big question to answer. You could look at yourself and be so many different things it is hard to commit to just one kind of persona.

So why not break it down? Let’s look at the core of your personality itself. What is the part of you that is the strongest, that links to your career or business and has been a part of you always. I have adapted some of Carl Jung’s personality archetypes below. Take a look a see if any of these strike a resemblance to you.

Another thing to be aware of – this is a personal exercise. You must make this decision as this is your core character. This is who you are inside, it may be that these characteristics do not show themselves to others but rather you are drawn instinctively to the archetype and know it fits you.

Are you ready to decide?

1) The Pure

You somehow manage to see the best in people and believe that everyone should be just as they are. You love positivity, that energy flows from you, and people are drawn to you because of it. You want to ensure your own safety but above everything, you want to be happy and ensure the people around you are happy too.

2) The Super

You work hard and work is a huge source of satisfaction in your life. You love challenges and welcome them with open arms whilst enjoying the acknowledgment it brings. You are strong, reliable, courageous, and determined to see it through. Ultimately, you get things done!

3) The Paramour

You desire affection, love, intimacy, and touch. You want to be attractive to others both physically and emotionally. You want to be seen and you do not want to miss out. Your friends are incredibly important to you as is your partner. Close relationships are important to you and you love nothing more than socialising with the people you hold most dear.

4) The Illusionist

You strongly believe that dreams can become reality. You love helping people through this journey and marvel at their transformation. Ever the optimist, you know that knowledge is paramount to understanding and evolution. You have a vision and you will see this vision into reality.

5) The Joker

You are the epitome of living life to the full. You are on this earth to have fun, be present, and to give that energy to others. You love nothing more than making people laugh and generally making people’s day. You choose a life of laughter and light.

6) The Rebel

Revolution is your middle name, you strive to make the world a better place but you also love the anarchy it brings. Rules are made to be broken and you love outside the box thinking.

7) The Included

You want to belong and be a part of something. You don’t however, want to rock the boat and often shy away from being in the spotlight. You love being part of a group, having fun and socialising with friends. Being included is what makes you very happy and you are likable because of it.

8) The Royal

You must be in control at all times and this can often make you quite a dominant personality. You have big goals in terms of money and achievement and rules are everything to you. You are confident and responsible and an authority.

9) The Parent

You hardly ever think about yourself. You care so deeply about people that you will stop at nothing to protect them, even if it means putting yourself last. You love helping people and you are rewarded greatly by that act of kindness.

10) The Teacher

Sharing your knowledge brings you immense joy. You have a natural inquisitive mind that has lead you to learn many different subjects. You love talking about what you have just learned and spend many a night talking philosophically to your friends and peers.

11) The Artist

You always want to create something new and different. You are creative in many ways but have one subject matter that feels like a calling. You are seen as different and quirky but you enjoy that.

12) The Adventurer

You seek freedom. You love being outdoors, learning about rugged landscapes, and pushing yourself to achieve unimaginable goals. You also seek to understand yourself through your adventures – you are a journey of self-discovery and you love every second of it!

We hope this has helped you with your discovery of your core personality! Do let us know what character you are – we would love to hear from you!

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