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Deal Tombstone Spotlight: Commemorating Collaborations

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Autumn is now in full swing and the end of the year is looming but Acknowledge Designs are still as busy as ever creating exciting pieces to celebrate your success.

Today we’re thinking about collaborations and how associates branding or aesthetics can be merged to create a stunning commemorative Deal Toy, Financial Tombstone or Recognition Award with us.

The piece below celebrates a working partnership between Barclays Bank and Morgan Stanley as joint bookrunners for the Senior Secured Notes and the Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes of the Stonegate Pub Company. Often with deals like this the amount of text tends to take up most of the design – however with this Deal Tombstone it has been cleverly split and represented in a symbolic reference of the pub theme

The client opted for our intricate brickwork pub design in beautifully handcrafted acrylic on a solid grey base. The two beer tap placards provide space for the all-important figures, and company logos, while adding an attractive 3D element and playfulness to the design. Cheers to a job well done!

Commissioning your Award or Deal Toy with Acknowledge Designs is a collaboration in itself. To create the perfect piece for you we draw up three design options to choose from, carefully considering your budget and brief.

Our partnership with trusted manufacturers means we can offer a wide range of options on raw materials, printing and shaping techniques to make your design truly unique.

Got an idea in mind already, or open to our expertise? Get in touch today, lets collaborate!


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