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10 Things to Remember When Ordering Deal Toys

You've been set the task of ordering the deal toys for your deal closure. But you're not really sure what you should be asking and you want to make a good first impression! Well, worry no more. Here are some tips for ordering deal toys and ensuring you impress the boss!

1: Quantity

Find out how many deal toys you need. The more you order, the cheaper the unit price is!

2: Budget

Find out what the budget is. Does that include delivery and setup fees? The more information you can provide on this the better. All our designs are bespoke so we can make sure it works for your budget.

3: About the Deal

Put together a brief that explains the deal.

4: Ideas

Include any ideas you may have talked about as a team. Do you have a material preference? Shape preference? Size preference?

5: Decision Maker

Who is signing the design off? Do they have a specific style of deal toy they prefer?

6: Reference

Include any photos that help to reference the industry, company, or what you are looking for.

7: Text

Let us know the text needed to be printed onto the deal toys

8: Logos

Don't forget to provide the logos needed! If possible, provide them in vector format (that is a .ai, .eps, or .svg file). Let us know if you can't provide any logos in these formats as we can redraw them for you.

9: Timeline

Let us know if you have a date you need your deal toys for.

10: Delivery

Will the delivery be to one address or multiple? Do they need to be individually sent and do they need to be gift-wrapped?

Having all this information will make the design process quicker and means we can create designs very specific to your needs. We're here to help if you have any questions and get in touch if you would like to know more!

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